Unlock the bootloader


What is Bootloader?

Unlocking the bootloader is essential to customize any Smartphones. If you want to install a custom ROM or just Root your Smartphone then you need to unlock your device bootloader first.

Advantages of Unlock Bootloader

Possibility of installing a Custom ROM, Root and TWRP;
You can install Incompatible apps by Rooting your phone;
Underclock/Overclock your Phone CPU.

Disadvantages of Unlock Bootloader

Your Device warranty will get void depending where you bought it;
Device performance may be affected, positively or in a negatively way;
After unlocking the bootloader, all your data and files are Erased;


Before you download, install, and use the Unlock Device App (“Service”), you understand that you need to take all risks in terms of quality and performance of the Service, including but not limited to: once you trigger the Service, you’re not able to recover your ASUS products to the original status at the time of manufacturing (“Original Product”) anymore. Original Products which is used with the Service (“Changed Product”) will no longer be regarded as the Original Products. The software updates will not be available to the Changed Product, and the digital content in the Changed Product may no longer be used. In addition, the software and hardware problems of your ASUS product caused by using the Service may not apply to your ASUS Warranty Information, please read ASUS Warranty Information of your ASUS product carefully on ASUS official website.(https://bacchus.asus.com/support/Article/1060/)

It is strongly recommended that do not trigger the Service before you fully understand the features and related regulations of the Service to avoid affecting your rights and interests of ASUS product.

By triggering the Service, you hereby acknowledge and agree the terms and conditions above and the ASUS Warranty Information.

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