Unlock Bootloader


What is Bootloader?

Unlocking the bootloader is essential to customize any Smartphones. If you want to install a custom ROM or just Root your Smartphone then you need to unlock your device bootloader first.

Advantages of Unlock Bootloader

Possibility of installing a Custom ROM, Root and TWRP;
You can install Incompatible apps by Rooting your phone;
Underclock/Overclock your Phone CPU.

Disadvantages of Unlock Bootloader

Your Device warranty will get void depending where you bought it;
Device performance may be affected, positively or in a negatively way;
After unlocking the bootloader, all your data and files are Erased;

Unlock Bootloader Step-by-Step:

1 - Android Settings > About phone > Click on Build number repeatedly, about seven times > Go back to the main Android Settings > System > Developer options > Toggle ON OEM unlocking
2 - Have adb installed and then Connect the phone to your PC;
3 - Open a Command Prompt inside the adb folder and run:
      adb devices (You'll get a ADB prompt on your Smartphone. Check the box and confirm)
      adb reboot bootloader
      fastboot flashing unlock (On the phone, press either the up or down volume button once until you see Unlock the bootloader |>| beside the power button. Press the power button. The phone will go black for a second and then show near the bottom Device state: unlocked.)

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