Underclock CPU/GPU


The following Magisk Modules (found by lambstone) allow you to underclock CPU and/or GPU (masking the values from other SOC’s) to improve the Xiaomi Mi 11 Ultra thermals. This improves the battery life and decrease the heat of your device.


Have bootloader unlocked and Magisk App.
- Flash the module you want below;
- Reboot. 

If you don't like the results then:
- Uninstall the module from Magisk;
- Reboot.


- Underclocks X1 core from 2.84ghz to 2.49ghz
- Reduces performance by 13%, reduces power consumption by 32%

- Underclocks A78 cores from 2.42ghz to 2.23ghz
- Reduces performance by 5%, reduces power consumption by 14%

- Underclocks GPU from 840mhz to 608mhz
- Reduces performance by 27%, reduces power consumption by 54%

This module will result in the Snapdragon 888 performing around the same level (if not better than) of the SD870 whilst being more efficient than the SD870. User reports the battery temp during regular use as reported by MIUI will sit in the range of 30-34ºC. During Gaming it will be around 42ºC after 1-2 hours of MOBA Gaming.

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  1. Rasbi Rasbi

    It’s very effective!!

    I think it’s an essential module