Set-up a new PC/Laptop


If you just bought a new PC/Laptop and you don’t know what to do just follow this Guide and it will. Well specially in the laptop environment and to decrease costs OEM’s decided to not to have Windows licenses into their PC’s/Laptops so they come with FreeOS that is nothing but a prompt command OS. So first step will be to install a OS with some kind of UI like Windows or Ubuntu.

1 – For Windows 11 it’s way easy. This method requires you to be on another PC/Laptop and have an (at least 8GB) USB Pen Drive or a DVD.
Go to the Microsoft Official Website and select the option below:

Execute the file you just downloaded, select the language and Windows 11 option that you want to use (Home or Pro), select the USB Drive or the DVD Drive and confirm. This will create a bootable device for your new PC/Laptop.

2 – Now go to your new PC/Laptop and connect the USB Drive/DVD. If it doesn’t boot instantly to the Windows setup you need to do that manually. Use Google to find out how to enter BIOS, Boot Devices, select the USB Drive/DVD and restart. This will boot you into the Windows Setup.

3 – Set-up the Windows with a clean install and select HDD/SDD where you want to install the OS. As the PC/Laptop is new it can be normal to have the “Setup was unable to create a new system partition or locate an existing system partitions…”. This video helps fixing it. After that let the Windows to install by itselft and configure it normally with your Data. Windows 11 requires you to have a physical connection to the Internet so if you are in a Laptop make sure you have the router and a RJ-45 Cable next to you.

4 – After the installation comes the easy part.
Go to Windows Updates and install everything you have there, that includes Security Patches, Drivers and others. If you have a dedicated GPU go to the Brand website and update the drivers manually. Also go to Windows Store to update your Windows Apps.
About Security it’s up to you, for a regular user Windows Defender is more than enough but if you want that extra Security feel free to go for a more advanced software.

5 – Debloating Windows and Tweaks:
This is an optional step and make sure you read everything before do any type of changes:
Gaming Tweaks, Performance Tweaks, Windows Debloater.

6 – Install your regular Apps and enjoy the new PC/Laptop. Don’t forget to regularly maintain it by cleaning %temp% folders and updating your Drivers. Enjoy!

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