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Xiaomi’s MIUI China software releases aren’t intended to be used by global users. MIUI China only has Mandarin and English as languages, lacks Google apps, and comes with a bunch of Chinese services that aren’t of any use outside of the country. The team at Xiaomi.EU takes MIUI China and translates the strings to more languages, adds Google apps, and removes various Chinese services so global users can enjoy bleeding edge MIUI features. In addition, Xiaomi.EU also unlocks a bunch of features that Xiaomi restricts to certain device models or are otherwise hidden in MIUI.

Installation via TWRP:

- Download the ROM zip;
- Boot into TWRP;
- Format Data (only 1st time flashing the ROM);
(and then copy the ROM to your Phone)
- Wipe - Factory reset (If you want clean flash, or else don't do it);
- Install - Select ROM zip;
- Install - Select Magisk zip (optional);
- Reboot and Done.

Installation via fastboot:

- Connect the Phone to the PC and reboot to fastboot;
- Select the update method;
First Install.bat or Update ROM.bat.

Developer: Xiaomi eu
Last Updated: Every week
License: GNU
Source Code: Link

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    Is there a video tutorial with the same steps written in this guide?