Rear Notifier App


With some inspiration from GuyWithRootedPhone and his Mirror2RearUltra app, Chr0m3Chaos created his own app that allows you to select any app on your Mi 11 Ultra to send notifications to the rear screen.


• Pick the desired apps for rear notifying quickly and easily with the made-from-scratch app picker.
• Allow Rear Notifier to restart automatically after reboot.
• Tons of customization!
• Change rear display timeout to beyond Xiaomi's 30 second cap.
• Privacy mode, when enabled hides notification details.
• Allow animations with different animation styles and durations.
• Customize the app notification's icon and text sizes to different sizes and colors with support for dynamic coloring based on the app's icon.
• And more!


• Stopping the service once it's been started from the app sometimes doesn't work. When this happens, just force close the app.
• Whenever a notification is sent to the rear screen from this app, it will cause the default clock to disappear until the native rear display apk chooses to refresh itself. At the moment, there's no way that I'm aware of to bring back the native clock on-demand.

Developed and Tested on:

Device: Xiaomi Mi 11 Ultra (Obviously)
ROM: Xiaomi.EU 13.0.13 Stable
Android Version: 12

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