MS GCam Configs


A page dedicated to create and tweak the GCam Mods to the Xiaomi 12S Ultra. This could be a long process so take this as a forever Beta stage.

It might work on another Xiaomi devices, test it.

The files below have been tweaked from others so credits to everyone who helped in a direct or in a indirect way. Feel free to test and use the comment section for feedback. FOCUSED ON LOW LIGHT PHOTOGRAPHY


- Install the GCam APK from below;
- Download the lib and the XML and place them properly;
- About BSG configs: Press and hold the bsg icon, select open video, double click next to the shutter on the right, load the XML, go into the settings, advanced, go to the libaries section, locate the libpatched file, select it, go back to the homescreen, press on the arrow top arrow to open the curtain settings, on the frames section, select 24 frames, you can tap near the higlights to take a great and dynamic shot, and make the scene look darker - more real, need to practice for this.

If you see the apk close, wait few seconds and reopen it, don't give up if you get black screen lock you have to reboot and when you reopen most likely it will work no issues

Changelog and Bugs V2:

(28th Sep 2022)
- Improvement of artifacts+ contrast;
Daylight still needs hdr + instead of enhanced to avoid over-exposure bug
Auxiliary Lens need work.

MS Configs for Xiaomi 12S Ultra V2:
(currently only working on Main Lens)

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