Matteo GCam Configs


A page dedicated to create and tweak the GCam Mods to the Xiaomi Mi 11 Ultra. This could be a long process so take this as a forever Beta stage.

It might work on another Xiaomi devices, test it.

All lens working, high res upscaling mode, dual hdr and ldr mode for moody shots.
– 50 frames HDR+ and HDR+e;
– 2x optical lens like the new iPhone 14 Pro and Google Pixel 7 Pro;
– Dual mod for high and low contrast shooting;
– Upscaling at 27 mpx photo;
– Low Sharpness looking for DSLR quality;
– High realistic results without overprocessing and over brigthness.

The files below have been tweaked from others so credits to everyone who helped in a direct or in a indirect way. Feel free to test and use the comment section for feedback.



ℹ️ Install the GCam APK below;
1 - Download the lib and the XML and place them properly;
(SGCAM/LIBS for the lib SGCAM/XML for the xml)
2 - Load the XML for your device.

Changelog (5th Dec 2022):

- increased brightness
- decreased mini sharp for less noise
- face detection working
- focus tracking working
- better auto focus
- removed 2x lens for focus improvement
- changed interface and hdr to 2xl/4xl
- changed noise model for main lens
- decreased exp max time for less blurry pictures
- ALWAYS M22 AS LIB, changes only in xmls

Matteo Configs for Xiaomi Mi 11 Ultra V22:

Download APK

Xml for 12 mpx mode:

Xml for 50 mpx mode:

Matteo Marcon

Matteo Marcon

I hate stock Camera.

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6 thoughts on “Matteo GCam Configs

  1. Avatar

    One of the best GCAM Configs for Mi 11 Ultra, hands down!

  2. Carl B

    Hey there, whenever I paste the lib file the gcam crashes. What am I doing wrong?

  3. Paulo Gonçalves
    · November 6, 2022 at 13:56

    Loving Matteo work for mi11u!
    Thanks for this site with centralized information for all the devices👍