Matteo GCam Configs


A page dedicated to create and tweak the GCam Mods to the Xiaomi Mi 11 Ultra. This could be a long process so take this as a forever Beta stage.

It might work on another Xiaomi devices, test it.

All lens working, high res upscaling mode, dual hdr and ldr mode for moody shots.
– 50 frames HDR+ and HDR+e;
– 2x optical lens like the new iPhone 14 Pro and Google Pixel 7 Pro;
– Dual mod for high and low contrast shooting;
– Upscaling at 27 mpx photo;
– Low Sharpness looking for DSLR quality;
– High realistic results without overprocessing and over brigthness.

The files below have been tweaked from others so credits to everyone who helped in a direct or in a indirect way. Feel free to test and use the comment section for feedback.



ℹ️ Install the GCam APK below;
1 - Download the lib and the XML and place them properly;
(SGCAM/LIBS for the lib SGCAM/XML for the xml)
2 - Load the XML for your device.

Changelog (31/01/2023):

- slightly less luma noise
- increased brightness
- decreased mini sharp for less noise
- face detection working
- focus tracking working
- better auto focus
- removed 2x lens for focus improvement
- changed interface and hdr to 2xl/4xl
- changed noise model for main lens
- decreased exp max time for less blurry pictures
- ALWAYS M22 AS LIB, changes only in xmls

Matteo Configs for Xiaomi Mi 11 Ultra V22:

Xml for 12 mpx mode:

Xml for 50 mpx mode:

Matteo Marcon

Matteo Marcon

I hate stock Camera.

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13 thoughts on “Matteo GCam Configs

  1. Avatar

    One of the best GCAM Configs for Mi 11 Ultra, hands down!

  2. Carl B

    Hey there, whenever I paste the lib file the gcam crashes. What am I doing wrong?

  3. Paulo Gonçalves
    · November 6, 2022 at 13:56

    Loving Matteo work for mi11u!
    Thanks for this site with centralized information for all the devices👍

  4. Rasbi Rasbi

    best gcam xml for mi 11 ultra!!!!!!!!!

  5. Avatar

    Hello! Unfortunately, when I turn off the HDR mode, the camera image freezes completely, with HDR+ and ‘HDR + extended’, this does not happen. At the same time, the application shell continues to work, that is, the application itself does not freeze, I can go to the settings or switch between modes.When you turn on the HDR or switch to the front camera, the problem goes away.Tried all the 8.4 versions that you suggested. Thank you very much. The library is fully downloaded, 94.5mb, configuration files are downloaded, the application sees them, but takes photos only in 12 mp. What can I do to fix this?can you help me?

  6. Rasbi Rasbi

    How do I check if lib is applied? If I apply lib, the app crashes.

    Is the setting correct for the path below?

    additional settings => libpatcher => custom libray =>import libray

  7. Christian Faulisi
    · January 29, 2023 at 14:10

    Ciao mi piacerebbe capire se è possibile fare video in 4k a 60 fps e passare dal teleobiettivo alla cam principale senza interrompere il video come accade quando si girano video in 4k a 30 fps

  8. Avatar

    Hi Matteo,

    Is there any way to adapt you libs to work on the Samsung Galazy Z Fold 4? I tried your APK with lib, along with an XML designed for the S23 Ultra. The tele and ultrawide work but the main wide lens doesn’t. None of the prefix options for the auxiliary lenses work unfortunately.