Leica Camera Modded


Modded Magisk Module to use dev Leica Camera from Xiaomi. This version is way more advanced than the one available in Stable ROMs. The Module was made for the Xiaomi 12S Ultra but can work on other Xiaomi devices too. Test at your own risk and if something is wrong just uninstall the Module via Magisk.

Important Warning:

- Please be sure to read Leica Camera Instructions (Must Read) before use
- Since advanced settings may negatively affect some models or have unexpected issues, we will add this feature only in Preview-Dev version starting from this version, and lab mode will also only be used in Preview-Dev version . You can choose the version you like to install
- As of this release, we will only include Kino elements in Preview-Dev versions (more UI styles)
Since this version, we have adjusted the installation script to remove the 30 second waiting time limit, but at the same time you need to use the volume keys to answer the correct questions, otherwise you will not be able to use this project successfully.
- Since the installation script only supports traditional Chinese, if you cannot understand the question, it is recommended that you take a screenshot and use Google Translate to upload the screenshot to try to answer the question.

Known Issues:

- Some models of film light effects are dislocated;
- The video filter in the professional mode of some models cannot be used (Xiaomi's problem)
- Overexposure in HDR mode (Xiaomi problem)
- In the Preview-Dev version, if some models have problems such as slow-motion mode flashback, front camera freezes, etc., please try to adjust the video encoding format to 264 or 265 to eliminate the problem. If it still does not work, suggest you use stable version

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