KnoxPatch App – Restore Knox features


An LSPosed module made by BlackMesa123 to get Samsung apps/features working again in your rooted Galaxy device.


- I am not responsible about any damage of any kind that this app may cause.
- You are allowed to use this app in your project with proper credits and links to this thread or source code.
- You are allowed to base your projects on my sources by giving proper credits to the original authors.
- Bugs/feature requests can be reported in this thread or via the project's repository page. Make sure you provide enough detailed info when reporting bugs (device, system logs etc.).


Have you ever wondered whether or not you could continue to use certain apps/features in your 0x1'd Samsung device? Now you can, and without any system modifications/custom ROMs. KnoxPatch makes use of the Xposed API's to patch system API's on-the-fly and bypass the "security policy" of those interested apps. This module is backward compatible back to One UI 1.0 and supports most of the apps currently imposing those limitations.

Any form of contribution, suggestions, bug report or feature request for the project will be welcome.
Supported Android Versions:

✅ Android 9 (One UI 1.x)
✅ Android 10 (One UI 2.x)
✅ Android 11 (One UI 3.x) (Secure Folder not working)
✅ Android 12 (One UI 4.x)
✅ Android 12L (One UI 4.1.1)
✅ Android 13 (One UI 5.x)

Supported Apps:

➖ Galaxy Wearable (Gear Manager) (Enhancer required)
✅ Samsung Flow
✅ Samsung Health
✅ Samsung Health Monitor
➖ Secure Folder (not working on Android 11)
✅ Secure Wi-Fi
✅ Private Share
❌ Samsung Pass
❌ Samsung Wallet (Pay)

How to install:

Before proceeding, make sure your device has Magisk installed and working.

1. Open the Magisk Manager app and enable "Zygisk" in its Settings page (top right menu button).
2. Download the latest LSPosed "zygisk-release" zip
3. Install LSPosed by selecting the zip you downloaded in the "Modules" tab inside the Magisk Manager app, then reboot your phone.
4. With LSPosed installed, download and install the latest KnoxPatch apk like you would install a normal app.
5. Open the LSPosed Manager app from your quick panel notifications and enable the KnoxPatch module in the "Modules" tab, leave the selected applications list as it is.
6. Reboot your phone and enjoy!

OPTIONAL: Download and install the KnoxPatch Enhancer zip file via the Magisk Manager app "Modules" tab, this additional module will take care of features that can't be patched alone via the Xposed API's such as the Galaxy Wearable apps. An "Enhanced" badge can be seen in the app info page to confirm the Enhancer module is installed correctly.

- Samsung;
- LSPosed Team;
- Rikka;
- All the current and future contributors 😉
- KnoxPatch users ❤️​

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