Essentials for Huawei GT3/Watch 3


A true masterpiece, the elegant 42/46 mm dial catches light on the 3D curved glass, giving a soft, water-like glow. It adopts a simplistic body design with high-gloss finish, accompanied by refined straps for a modern, sophisticated look.

For new buyers the Watch syncs with the Huawei Health App. You can find it below.
Also there’s a Modded version of the Huawei Health with some custom functions:

  • Allows you to upload custom watchfaces;
  • Disables step counter on the Smartphone;
  • Currently Modded Version:

How to install custom watch faces? ->

Unfortunately most custom watch faces are only available on Telegram channels so the best way would be to register, go to some of the groups mentioned below and download the ones you like most and install it via the Modded Huawei Health above.

Telegram 1Telegram 2Telegram 3

Do you want to install any APK file on your Huawei Watch 3?
Follow this tutorial!

You can find easily some accessories for your Huawei Watch GT 3 on several websites like Aliexpress, Amazon ES or fom official ones from Huawei.

Huawei Modded APK Source

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