EliteROM by HassanMirza01 is based on xiaomi.eu’s dev ROM work but with some extra features like no debloat, notifications fixed and 90hz refresh rate as examples.

#include <std_disclaimer.h>
 * Your warranty is void.
 * I am not responsible for bricked devices, dead SD cards,
 * thermonuclear war, or you getting fired because the alarm app failed. Please
 * do some research if you have any concerns about features included in this ROM
 * before flashing it! YOU are choosing to make these modifications, and if
 * you point the finger at me for messing up your device, I will laugh at you.


The Elite ROM has these advanced features... (Plus Features are not included/Locked)

Changes: ( All mentioned changelog features are present in this Free Rom)
- Base updated to latest DEV rom releases;
- MultiLanguge rom for all apps;
- Forced refresh rate is removed now to get more battery backup and less heat, 90hz need reboot once after setting. confirm 90hz with some app or dev options refresh rate;
- Unlocked super icons for free;
- iOS styled recents menu *NEW*;
- Enabled sight/macro's features for most games in game turbo;
- Extra dim option added in settings for more lower brightness, etc;
- Enhanced notification settings, notification logs added in settings too;
- Safetynet is passed with/without Magisk;
- Volte & Vowifi got some tuning to show icons;
- Package installer can install any type of apps i.e Upgrade/downgrade/different signature apps;
- Number of columns in folders, number of icons on dock added;
- MIUI+Google startup, You can login/restore apps from google on startup;
- Fully Debloated. no useless crap there, all removed, lightweight rom;
- Added missing MIUI 14 apps;
- SafetyNet is passed by default. Play store certified;
- 90fps enabled for PUBG/PUBGKr/BGMI/CODM without model change;
- Notifications are instant from all apps;
- New and Old type of Extended Power menu added;
- New Settings interface like china beta native roms;
- 5 styles of Recents added;
- Options to configure CC11 toggles columns and rows;
- Many new but only working options enabled in Display>AI Image engine menu;
- Bubble notifications are perfectly fine now;
- Fixed data usage showing on Control centers;
- Nearby share tile is visible in all control centers/MIUI 11 styled QS now;
- Incoming calls appear as popup now instead of full screen;
- Fixed google unlimited photos issue, now they can be backed up in storage saver mode (soon original quality unlimited);
- TWRP/OFOX recovery available inside rom, no need to flash recovery after rom flash
- Contributors page redefined, new sponsors entries added too;
- 3rd party Material You theming enabled for Settings app, Elite customizations page and storage liquid follow that theme;
- Wallpaper carousal updated to latest releases;
- Clipboard fixed on all apps;
- Dark mode fixed for every app;
- Added Google news Feed switchable, install google app for that;
- Fixed issues of screen on time, weather, calculator, widgets;
- Privacy green dot on/off;
- App vault is changed to english language fully;
- Added latest ThemeManager;
- Double tap to sleep added in launcher options;
- Grid options are present now upto 8x16;
- 4 way Volume bars available;
- Hide icon names on Mi Launcher choice;
- Pip size choice;
- Charging animations of 3 type provided;
- Colored notification icons option added;
- Missing icons in settings menu for new items added;
- No ads in rom anywhere;
- Many new animation scale values to choose;
- Screenshot in secured apps is possible now.


- Install rom zip using TWRP/OFOX;
- If you have a/b device, then flash recovery into ramdisk using its advanced menu;
- Format if you are encrypted, otherwise wipe data is enough;
- Reboot;
- Enjoy the smoothness+performance.

Extra Info:

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