Dual Boot w/Windows 11


Beta Project by erdilS to Dual boot Android with Windows 11 on a Xiaomi Pad 5.
Most of the hardware works, but some components do not work yet..

⚠️ We’re not responsible for bricked devices, missing recovery partitions, dead microSD cards, dead cats or dogs, nuclear wars or you getting fired because you forgot to boot back in to android for the alarm. This project is in an early stage, all the files here have been contributed by other users, here you will find a guide with the working files we managed to get. This is a delicate process, do it under your own risk and follow all the steps carefully. IF YOU AREN’T COMFORTABLE MODDING YOUR TABLET OR ITS PARTITION TABLE OR YOU ARE PARANOID OF BRICKING YOUR DEVICE CLICK AWAY NOW!!! YOU HAVE BEEN WARNED, YOU ARE ON YOUR OWN IF YOU BRICK YOUR DEVICE!!! AGAIN! YOU HAVE BEEN WARNED!!! ⚠️

Features/What’s working and not:

   ❌ Audio (Only by USB or Bluetooth)
   ✅ Battery status
   ✅ Bluetooth
   ✅ Brightness
   ❌ Camera
   ❌ Charging (In progress, working partially)
   ✅ Display
   ✅ GPU (Read here to fix GPU)
   ✅ Touchscreen
   ✅ UFS
   ✅ USB (PD hub needed)
   ✅ Wi-Fi

   ✅ Accelerometer sensor
   ✅ Gyroscope sensor
   ✅ Light sensor sensor
   ✅ Magnetometer sensor
   ✅ Proximity sensor


1 - Create Partitions 
(English, Turkish, Spanish)

2 - Install Windows 
(English, Turkish, Spanish)

Update Drivers 
(English, Turkish, Spanish)

Dual booting and updating GPU Driver 
(English, Turkish, Spanish)

Uninstall Windows
(English, Turkish, Spanish)


Icesito68 - Made Windows partitioning commands, made original vayu repo and made spanish translation;
Map220v - Maintains UEFI and Drivers;
Renegade Project - Making the core of this project;
gus33000 - Providing help, also made base install guide, all of the original drivers and the msc script;
Renegade Project Discord members - Provided Help
MollySophia - Helped to fix battery status
bibarub - Made original bat file for switching Windows to Android
entaromia - Made application for switching Android to Windows
ciyanogen - Made turkish translation
ArturoGC06 - Made spanish translation

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