CleanSlate S Kernel


tbalden’s CleanSlate kernel for Asus ZenFone 9

The User Experience Kernel leaning towards Stock Stability plus UX features.
Rock stable stock approach, performance smooth and issue free
“No-Root is a State of Mind”

As always @tbalden is here to bring you authentic new features first in line, this year Asus ZF9. No root elevation (magisk) needed for all functions and preference switches through CS Config App.


- K.AdAway adblocking built-in kernel only, All browsers, Apps web-ads, except YouTube / streaming / Facebook ads;
- SafetyNet pass passes if using without Magisk/Rooting, flashing the boot img only, Google Pay should work;
- Battery Saver cut back max CPU freqs, 3 levels + touch boost limiter options CURRENTLY NO CAMERA APP FOREGROUND DETECTION! Please disable this feature when you use Camera apps (otherwise slow camera, video recording)!
- Face down screen off - put phone face down to turn screen off;
- Kernel Log / Crash dump to internal storage/sdcard - no root/magisk needed, from Companion App use Kernel Log button;
- CleanSlate Companion / Config - rootless app to configure;


- no root required, use /sdcard/uci_user.cfg file to configure 99% of the features without rooting. If you need tweak apps (e.g. EXKM / FK) you'll need rooting!
- built on top of kernel sources released by ASUS, 5.10.x
- built with standard toolchain for stability and efficiency
- built with Control Flow Integrity sec hardening from Android S versions onwards
- kept stable, no tweakings, just features
- stable and reliable, keeping close to stock except addition of Usability features


Firstly install CleanSlate configuration and CleanSlate companion apps on your phone (both found down below in Download section). (On play store version: with Android 12 you need to join the Beta program for the correct app versions.) Set them up initially.
- Non-rooted method: 0. download the non-rooted boot, UNZIP it first!
1. reboot to bootloader (adb reboot-bootloader)
2. temporary boot cleanslate_x.y.z.img (fastboot boot cleanslate.......img)
3. if everything went fine, you can reboot to bootloader and flash the image: fastboot flash boot cleanslate.......img
4. reboot, enjoy
- Rooted method: 0. download the boot.img
1. install magisk
2. patch the provided boot image
3. use fastboot boot/flash boot to test and then fully flash it, then enjoy

Extra Info:

- For SafetyNet, Adblocking, after flashing you might need to restart the phone after the first boot, otherwise it might not work.
- For adblocking KAdaway switching on and off, you will need to Force Close browser app like Chrome to let it work in the given browser.
- For Play Integrity (with SafetyNet passing) you might need to Clean App Data in Google Play Store app to make it reevaluate Integrity
--- If you have magisk installed Play Integrity might be tripped. I only tested without Magisk, flashing CleanSlate 1.0.0 bootimage.
- If using Companion App for notification / gesture etc features, there's a setting in the app to Switch off Proximity sensor while Screen is on. This will prevent the flickering, but Face down screen off feature won't work.

Non rooted, Android 12 image
ZF9 boot image zipped – 32.2030.2030.26 WW – CS 1.0.0

Config Applications

Companion App 3.3.x – Donation premium on PlayStore:
You need to join the BETA program to get the working version for the kernel!

Configuration App 3.2.x – Donation premium on playstore:
You need to join the Beta program to get the working version for the kernel!
– additional features in premium app: App Themes, Profiles, Profile Switch QuickTiles

How to join beta program: here

Android 12:
Companion App 3.3.9 – Normal free download

Configuration App 3.2.9 – Normal free download


Special thanks to AnyKernel installer developer: osm0sis
To @Freak07 for all his work and help
To @Captain_Throwback

Sharing policy:
As this is all GPL licensed kernel source, you can use it in your code, but don’t forget about proper credit.

Source Code: here

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