Arcide GCam Configs


A page dedicated to create and tweak the GCam Mods to the Xiaomi Mi 11 Ultra.
This could be a long process so take this as a forever Beta stage.

It might work on another Smartphone devices, test it.

Arcide lib for 8.7 GCam, made on Xiaomi 11 Ultra
(v2 XML for BSG 8.7 v9)



ℹ️ Install the GCam APK below;
1 - Download the lib and the XML and place them properly;
2 - Load the XML for your device.
3 - Download the the lib from this link and then load it from camera settings (XML is useless without the lib).

Changelog (12/02/2023):

- Merge 1
- 25 ZSL frames

- Optimized sharpening and luma denoise,
- Decreased chroma denoise. 

- Increased sharpness and optimized denoise for aux lenses,
- Decreased saturation for ultrawide,
- Custom CCT for telephoto,
- Disabled automatic astro mode,
- Reduced viewfinder noise reduction.

Download APK

Download Lib

Download XML

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