Rboard Themes App


Rboard Themes are not overlays but just additional themes for the Gboard Keyboard.
Made by RKBD. Requires ROOT and its flashed in the Magisk Manager App.


- Downloading, Apply, Delete themes
- In-app app updater
- Light/Dark for system theme switch (android 10 and above)
- Gboard flags import/export/edit
- Gboard preferences import/export/edit
- 3rd party theme repos support
- System Click sounds customization
- Theme/Sound preview
- Crash URL creator
- Widgets
- Search for Themes/Sounds
- Tags
- Module-less option (less features but will work on coloros)
- Open Source
- Monet and blur for android 12+
- Exporting and importing themes
- And more...

How to use:

- Make sure you are using ROOTED android 6.0+
- Download and install manager
- Grant root and choose option for module/gboard (gboard version is stored in data of gboard)
- Go to middle button with arrow down called download and pick theme packs you want to download then click fab button to install.


- MIUI users have to reboot each time they download themes or do the same what Color OS does
Color OS, Realme OS needs to turn off "Use Magisk" in settings to get it working;
- App won't work properly if you don't have connection to github
- Crashes on stock nubia rom (?)
- Sounds doesn't work on non AOSP roms

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